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Part of the experience of visiting for Shabbat is staying in touch.  We love to hear from our guests after Shabbat, so if you have a message to send to your hosts, feel free to send me an email and Ill be sure to get it to them! Please send your messages to

Read what some of our beloved guests have to say about their experiences with Shabbat of a Lifetime.

  • “Just a quick note to thank you both so very much for opening your beautiful home and welcoming all of us in – to celebrate Shabbat, together with you and your family!  As we shared with you – what a great way, for us – to “end” a most special and memorable family trip and Bat Mitzvah Celebration – in Israel!  As well, a perfect place to come and gather, after our most magical evening at the Wall! Meeting you both, hearing your story (ies) and sharing ours with you – together with the rituals of Shabbat, certainly created  a most enjoyable evening.  We wish you and your growing family all the very best in the years ahead – and, of course, continued success with your respective business ventures.  We will certainly be back – to this amazing and most special country – and it would be great to connect again!  Let us know if you are ever in Vancouver!”  Kerri, Rob, Lola and Max, summer 2017


  • “Dear Hillel and Chaya, Our … students are now safely returned to Boston and reminiscing about one of the most magical experiences of their lives.  The students were tremendously appreciative of the opportunity to travel to Israel and learn about its culture, history, economy, and drivers of innovation.  Along the way they clearly fell in love with the country and its people.  While our students are still processing their experience, many have said that they hope to return and, where possible, want to do business with Israel.  Informal feedback from the students was that your dinner was one of their favorite (and most profound) experiences.  As a matter of fact, as students boarded the bus after dinner, they each gave me a big hug in gratitude for scheduling this opportunity.  Thank you for providing such a meaningful and impactful experience for our students — truly a special event. Wishes for a wonderful summer.  Thank you again for your time and engagement.”  Debbie June 2017


  • “Dear Chaya and Hillel, Although it was June 23 when you welcomed our … group for Shabbat, I have only recently dug deeper into their post-trip evaluations. I thought it would be nice to pass on that Shabbat of a Lifetime with the two of you was the clear favorite experience out of the entire 11-day itinerary. I speak for a number of us in saying we dearly wish we could have stayed another hour or two. Beyond the evaluation, numerous people mentioned what a meaningful time they had with you.  It bears emphasizing again what gracious hosts you are and how simultaneously stimulating and relaxing an evening with you is.  You gave all of them an view of Israel, and of Jewish life, that will remain indelible in their hearts and thoughts.”  Jonathan, June 2017


  • “Dear Eisenberg family, How are you? We have many good thoughts to our shabbat meal together. Last friday we’ve organized a shabbat meal for friends from our church community.  All your explaination and the small guide were very helpfull.  Rosaline even made challas.  A long dream came true 😉 It was a very inspiring evening for everyone!   We wish you a very happy new year and blessed holidays. Shana tova.” Wille and Rosaline from the Netherlands, Aug 2017


  • “Shalom to our young Israeli friends.  What a pleasant surprise to have received your thoughtful gift and wonderful remembrance of our ever so memorable evening spent with you both.  You would be surprised to know how often we have spoken of our Shabbat dinner, truly a highlight of our visit to Israel . I pray for your safety in this crazy world of ours!!”Anne and George, Oct 2015


  • If you’re going to be in Jerusalem and want to learn more about the Jewish Faith, this is an experience for you. Especially as someone who isn’t Jewish, it was fantastic to learn about how the Shabbat Dinner is experienced on a weekly basis by many of the Jewish people, both in Israel and throughout the world. The couple that my wife and I (and three others in the group) shared the experience with were wonderful people. I can’t recommend this highly enough. October 2015


  • Jenna…I just returned to the States from a glorious month in Israel and just wanted to let you know how precious was our evening with Shabbat for a Lifetime….it’s one thing to “read” what Shabbat should look like and something else to actually “experience” it in a real Israeli home.The Nerils were delightful (as well as ALL the guests) and their hospitality was very open and gracious. We all appreciated their excellent explanations for questions we pitched to them. And the dinner was …well, verrrry comprehensive (I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed so many different courses in a private home before)… Thank you for inviting my friend and me to share this unique experience and I definitely plan to offer this experience with others the next time I bring a group to Israel. Shavua Tov”  Dee, Oct 2016


  • I led a group of 10 Canadian and 1 Australian women on a prayer tour to Israel. The
    Shabbat of Lifetime experience will rank as the highlight for many. Our hosts were so welcoming, relaxed and hospitable. They put us at ease with their joy and humour as well as their love of G-d and each other (they were newlyweds). They made it clear that they, too, received a blessing by hosting us. The meal was plentiful and absolutely delicious. I cannot recommend this experience more highly.
    October 2015


  • “Hope you and your family are all well. Probably you have already been thanked a lot of times, but I wanted to let you know one more time how much I appreciate this opportunity to really experience the Shabbath with you. It is really impressive how in our modern society you have been able to hold on to your customs and believes and I think everyone can take an example from this strong faith. Thank you for your hospitality and this life lesson, it’s priceless for me and you will always be welcome to visit me in Madrid or wherever I might be in the world.” Sophie Anne, Madrid, Nov 2015


  • “This is a Friday, so I registered with Shabbat of a Lifetime in advance, and got to experience Shabbat dinner with a Jewish family. One of the most memorable meals I had in my whole life!Gladys, Philippines, Dec 2013
  • “Michelle, We had so much fun last night. It was very spiritual for both me and my husband but surprisingly for my kids as well. Even though we had been to the kotel the day before with my parents, this time the kids were compelled to write a note, stick it in the crack in the wall and pray. It was a very special moment. For me the most emotional was the hidden kotel which I never knew existed. Dinner with Modi and Noa was wonderful too. They are a special family. My daughter asked when we would see them again. She immediately made a connection with their daughter.” Lisa, Seattle, Dec 2012
  • “I was blessed to celebrate Shabbat at your home with a group touring from Colorado on March 15th this year. It was and is one of my most favorite experiences in Israel!  Thank you again for all the love and care you put into making our evening very special!  We had Moroccan Fish the week we returned home!  My husband, who was not traveling with me, loved it and has asked for it again!” Charlene, March 2013
  • “Dear Anita and Carl, We are the group from Spain that shared the Sabbat dinner with you at your home last May. . . Thank you for your kindness. We enjoyed a wonderful meal , and specially , a unique experience , human and spiritual.
    We come from a different reality from you, but this dinner did feel us part of your life. We can understand that every Nation needs a State (now, in our country we have an interesting discussion about it) and we hope that you reach the peace and prosperity that History is reserving for your People, the end of all the sacrifices and sufferings, in harmony with your neighbours. . . We will save in our hearts your words and this time into your family. We hope return someday to Jerusalem !! We would like to meet you some day at our country.
    Moltes gràcies! Muchas gracias !”
    Santiago, Spain April, 2014
  • “Last night was my first Shabbat dinner, and definitely the best.   I wasn’t sure what to expect from it and truthfully I wasn’t too excited about having to walk to dinner.  When we got to the house,  I was completely amazed.  The family welcomed us all into their home, a huge group of strangers.  I knew from the beginning that this family was amazing.  They made us feel like part of their family.  I thought being away from my family for so long would be difficult.  By the end of the night, I realized I wasn’t away from my .  . . I’m trying to think of my favorite part of the dinner, but really there were so many favorite parts.  I was most touched when individuals started sharing their experiences so far in Israel and what touched them the most. . . What we have realized throughout this experience is that it doesn’t matter how we celebrate.  It doesn’t matter how much we know about our religion.  We are Jewish. . .
    . . . Moshe, the Aba of the house, quoted something in Hebrew that meant life keeps getting better.  He said he knew it was true because when we first started the meal, our “la’chayem’s” (not sure of the spelling) were just said after we made a toast.  By the end of the dinner, after a toast we would all yell out “LA’CHAYEM!!!”  We were celebrating life to the fullest.” Birthright participants, 2013
  • “We enjoyed Shabbat at your home at the end of March so much!  Thank you from the whole Austrian group who just loved getting to know you and your family and to spend such an inspiring Shabbat with you.  It was a truly unforgettable experience….and you made it so special for all of us.” Monika, Austria, March 2013
  • “The Better Hong Kong Foundation group has returned to Hong Kong end of last week. We had great time at the home of Mr. and Mrs Jonathan and Nicky Newfield and the tour guided by Natanel Cohen was very good too. Please convey our gratitude to them. This is really a very nice experience for us” Karen, Jan 2014
  • “I have to admit I was rather skeptical spending time with an orthodox family. . . This amazing evening with the wonderful Lester family left us all feeling privileged to have enjoyed this experience with such a beautiful and warm family. No matter where each individual is in their own faith,this time brought us all closer. A group of us were discussing that this truly was the most amazing experience so far.  Thank you to the two families who opened up their home to 46 Americans and Israelis. It was an experience of a lifetime!”
  • “Shavua Tov. I just wanted to let you know that I just met the Babson group of students from Boston for their farewell dinner and summery discussion and they all agreed that one of the highlights of their trip was the Shabbat of a lifetime dinner they said that it gave them so much and they will take it back with them to there campus so again. Kol haKavod to both of you and thank you very much for yet again a sucessfull program.” Esther, Dec 2013
  • “The evening went very, very well.  Since the evening the group cannot stop talking about it.  The time at the Kottel set the mood nicely.  The hosts were so warm and welcoming.  This was a great opportunity for the group to be in a families home and celebrate Shabbat.  From the time the tour started until the time we returned to the hotel everything was perfect.  The group had a wonderful time” Joe, Oct 2013
  • “Michelle – we debriefed with the staff person yesterday and she raved about the evening. Everything was fabulous and they were just thrilled! Thank you for all . . . Thank you so much.” Susan, NY Dec 2013
  • “Yes I really enjoyed the evening.  It was really interesting to walk around the wall and also the smaller wall near the dome of the rock entrance and see what people were doing.  The dinner was very good and the family was very welcoming and nice.  I’d recommend it to other people.  It’s a nice way to learn more about the country. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!” Barbara, May 2013
  • “How lovely to be picked up at our hotel by our warm and fun host Nati, and guided to the Old City together on a lovely walk. There we stood above this holy place, moved by the many coming together to pray at the Western Wall. Nati explained the various orthodox clothing and hats, and some of the ancient customs of the Jewish people who come to pray, and tuck a prayer between the stones of  this historic wall. The Shabbas dinner that followed at Nati and his lovely wife Michelle’s home was truly a highlight of our trip. They welcomed us like family. The food was amazing!  Wonderful recipes representing Jewish foods from many countries, with our hosts explaining about he rituals of the Shabbas dinner. Oh – and dessert!!!!! By the time we left their warm and happy home, we felt like family!!!  An amazing experience, thank you Nati and Michelle” Cynthia, Michigan, April 2011